Friday, October 1, 2010

Changes that Kill

No I'm not making a political statement by this post, and no by killing i don't mean literal murdering. I'm mainly talking about emotional killing, like an even that destroys you're happiness or sense of friendship. Now, we all know that everyone changes in their lifetime, and that as we get older we can develop more of our true personalities. However, there is a degree to which this changing should not excede! Basically, I'm just trying to express my feelings about the loss of a few of my friends, throughout this year. No nothing terrible happened, except they were plagued with what we humans call peer pressure. Now, if the victim is immature, they will then succumb to.....are you ready for this.... conformism, where they will change to an all new person you have never met before! Isn't change great!? To be more realistic, I can't just place the blame on change in general, its the individually inviting the change into their life and utilizing it as they please. Well, I hope this got you thinking, that was my main motive. On a more positive note, it is a beautiful Fall day outside and the sun is shining bright! :)

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