Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm so insane that I can't even spell INSANITY correct!
If you're like me you must be one insane being. I mean I am stressed out by everything: grades, extracurricular activities, friends, fitting in, and, the biggest one, losing weight. Now, I know these little stressors aren't even that severe, compared to most, my problems are nothing but dust in the wind, but don't go around comparing yourself to other; this too leads to, you guessed it, STRESS! Now, I am being entirely hypocritical with that last statement, for I too compare myself to others, but like I've said before, I am one stressed person! Let me tell you something, with all this stress, I am NOT mentally stable! I mean I have outbursts and bipolar actions; I'm a nut case! Witht that being said, let me introduce you to a strategy I have of helping to "control" my stress. Let's say that over vacation I crashed my diet and gained 50 pounds! (this is just a hypothetical situation, it didn't actually happen) I would normally go on a rampage, tearing down Tokyo and breathing fire, roaring with a thunderous voice, but once I've cooled down I begin to think rationally. I say to myself, "Erin, you should be thankful; You had the opportunity to enjoy yourself and obviously was well fed! You're in a very fortunate situation!" Try that the next time you feel like ripping someone else's head off! Just as a warning, it doesn't always work! Sometimes I find myself arguing with myself! But, like I've said, I'm a real nutter!


  1. I see nothing inane about your post. I love your drawing! It reminds me of me in my cublicle at work. Perhaps I should get a straight jacket!

  2. I love your drawing too, and your little crazy nut : -)