Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun Frights: Halloween Haunt

Well, since none of you know, me and a group of my friends went to the Halloween Haunt at King's Island for one of those friend's birthday. To put it simply, I was a tad bit disappointed. Yes, it definitely was a great experience, and very fun, but ir has definitely changes throughout the years. For instance, I remember in 2008 when we went, you couldn't even walk around the park without running into an actor all dressed up! (creepers and stalkers is what they call them there!) This year, you almost had to hunt them down yourself, but I must say the one we happened to find was phenominal and was a slider, meaning he would sprint and slide at your feet, almost tripping you! That was great, but we only found 4 creepers and stalkers altogether! However, even though the walking around wasn't as fun, to me the haunted houses made up for it!
     Altogether, we went into 3 haunted houses: Massacre Manor, The Trail of Terror, and Club Blood. I think my favorite by far was Club Blood, not for scares but just shear enjoyment! They were great at startling us, but I mean, would you be scared of shirtless men with great abs!? I don't think so! Massacre Manor was disappointing to me. My sister, who was in the front, was scared, but I was fourth, so not many people jumped out or anything; if they did, I already saw them up front! But the haunt was very nicely put together and well-run! My favorite one for fear was definitely the Trail of Terror! Imagine trying to walk through a twisted trail deep in the woods, covered in fog! It was fantastic, and the actors definitely did a great job! They interected with us and did a great job at startling and surprising us! I was thoroughly pleased!
      Well, that was our night! It was full of laughs and thrills. However, I can't end this post without talking about at least one of the rides! That's what is so great about Halloween Haunt! Even if you don't like haunted houses and such, then ride the rides! We manages to get through the Diamondback, Vortex, Racers, and The Drop Tower. Now don't think we're chicken for not riding anything else. We have all actually ridden every rollar coaster that place has to offer. The problem is mainly the lines, which some actually came to a 3-hour wait! Overall, it was a fanstastic night and I can't wait for next year! :D However, I think my sister and I are going again in a few weeks and we're going to go through every haunted house! I'll be sure to post about that as soon as we do!

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